Once upon a time at a far far away Historically Black College named Chi-an University there was a young man named Davia Richardson.  Davia Richardson, a handsome black male from the city of Philadelphia was the cream of the crop at Chi-an University.  Like a King with his subjects, Davia (Da-V-A) also known as D was well respected and adored by his peers for his down to earth personality, his good grades, physically fit exterior and his ability to become successful in any area in his life he focused on… except for relationships.


While away from Philadelphia for school, Davia leaves the love his life to pursue higher education before being corrupted by the new found attention he was receiving from the women at Chi-an.  Spiraling down this rabbit hole into a sexual rampage Davia becomes trapped within his one internal conflict between the sexual predator that he quickly became known as and his hometown love interest while also balancing his moral and religious beliefs. However while digging a deeper hole for his self during his internal battles and sexual escapades Davia runs into a woman named Trischa, a  independent woman from Pittsburgh who is more than he can handle not only in bed but also emotionally. Bodies and emotions flair before Davia unexpectedly begins to fall for her.


Things get even more complicated when Davia's battle between his awakened sexual nature and love life switch to now having to choose between the woman he is now falling for and his high school sweet heart whom has been patiently waiting to finally start a relationship with him. Feelings and bodies clash while emotions sizzle during Davia’s desperate attempt to live happily ever after.

In my modern version of the mythical story ‘The Midas Touch’ filled poetry, religion, humor and sex, the main character doesn’t only lose the one he loves because of his greed but also gives women a deeper look into the complicated psyche of the male species and men some ‘to dos’ and ‘not to dos’ when dealing with the opposite sex.    - Robert W. Lay II the Photographer/Poet/Writer